I'm not a health coach or fitness instructor.  I'm an average woman who wants to get healthy, get out of my yoga pants, and back into my skinny jeans (yep the ones WAY back in my closet... or at least I think they're still back there, I haven't seen them in a WHILE!  Tell me you have those too right?).  I have a deep passion to make this process as simple as possible and easy enough to fit into everyday life.

It has to in order for me to be able to stay focused and make a true "lifestyle" change.

What's Inside the Club:

Weekly Menu

That's right no more wondering what's for dinner!!! Every week I will post my weekly menu (healthy of course).  You can choose to copy it or use some of the recipes.  Afterward, the recipes will go into our "Recipe Box" so you can find them again later.

Tracking Sheets

Goal and Habit tracking sheets that will help keep you on target. See what you're doing (or not doing) everyday/week/month to get you closer to your goal!  Print them off whenever you need a new one!

Members Only Facebook Group

Become part of an online community of like minded women that will offer support, and encourage you!  You can connect with other members to keep each other accountable and on target. We share our wins (big or small) and struggles (since we're all human) for help. You can be as active or as private as you would like in this group

Access To MY Journal

Starting from day 1 of my fitness journey, you will be able to read my thoughts, goals, and see what I have been doing to move along toward my health goals.  Hopefully this will encourage you to journal too.  Progress pictures will be inserted from time to time ewwwww I know (don't worry NOT naked ones LOL) but this will help keep me on track and hopefully encourage you!

Monthly Goal Setting & Review Sessions

I will host online live accountability sessions, where we take the time to review our goal(s), see what's working and what we need to change.  It's important to reflect on our actions from the past, set new intentions & PLAN for our future. Because I know we don't always take the time to do this,  this will help carve out that time.   This will be done live each month, so you can join in and write in questions, offer suggestions, or watch the playback at your convenience.

"Extra Bundles" of Information

Introduced throughout the year (about one a month)  these bundles will simplify all the information out there, so we can better incorporate it into our lives.  Some bundles will feature interviews with people knowledgeable in their field, some will be with people that have walked the path to health/fitness and their success story and what they learned along the way.  Others will be things that I have found helpful and have learned along my journey.  A good variety of information and inspiration for the body and the mind!

Cooking Videos

Done by yours truly!  I am by no means a cook, so this should be comical, but I am in the process of learning to cook healthy recipes and would love to share, any tips that I discover that may be helpful. These will be introduced as I come across great things to share.

I am all about making SIMPLE changes and building upon those.  Incorporating little things into our lives that will lead to the healthy life we want.  My goal is to be able to look at food in a different way, and to truly enjoy things without the guilt, knowing that I am moving closer to my ideal health.  I am not about QUICK fixes or super fast results  I AM ALL ABOUT LASTING CHANGE - I want to lose this weight and have healthy habits for a LIFETIME!

If you agree - this is the place for you!

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