meHi my name is Marabeth.  I'm not a fitness coach or health instructor.  I don't have a degree in nutrition.  I'm a wife, a mom, and just a woman on a mission to lose weight and get fit.   I'm SICK of making the same promises to myself and having the same New Year's resolution year after year!  I'm hoping there are some women out there that can relate to me. I have tried many different things to lose weight in the past but have never kept up with any of them.  I seem to always fall into old habits again!  Sick of not feeling good in my own skin and hating getting dressed in the morning (unless I could wear my Yoga pants, that which have never been worn for yoga) I knew something had to change!   I started the online Female Fit Club to incorporate all the things that I feel were reasons why I eventually would fall off the "fitnesour-family-pics wagon."    I need accountability to someone other than myself, I need motivation and support to eat that apple instead of the donut that I really want!  I had to strip things down, make them SIMPLE, EASY, and MANAGEABLE in my day to day life, so that I could have lasting results with habits that would stick!  As I plan my weekly healthy menus and dive into ALL the health and fitness information that is out there and make sense of it; I thought that I couldn't be the only one needing or wanting this.  I want to share what I learn and create a community of like minded women that want to support and encourage each other on good and bad days.  There are so many things to worry about in life and weight shouldn't have to be one of them.  My goal is to get fit both mind and body and have a true community of hope and support.


If any of this relates to you PLEASE JOIN ME in the female fit club.  With proper planning, accountability, and support we are sure to win this battle and live the healthy life we deserve!